Colorfield x KÄLLA – Probiotic smoothies that help your gut feel good.

A healthy bowel is the key to health and well-being. That’s why we are now launching Colorfield x KÄLLA – a probiotic smoothie that helps your gut feel good.


Stress, poor diet, skipped meals, food allergies or maybe a combo of everything. There are many reasons why your gut hurts and is upset, and if you have problems you are far from alone. One-fifth of the population has problems with bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, or regular stomach pain. That’s why we are now launching Colorfield x KÄLLA – a new probiotic smoothie in all the colors of the rainbow that not only tastes fantastic, but also relieves IBS symptoms.


Give your gut some love. Drink The Rainbow!

The Colorfield x KÄLLA smoothie is made fresh for you in our stores. You may choose any smoothie you want from our delicious menu of fresh fruit – and vegetable smoothies and the vegan, probiotic supplement KÄLLA For Relief is mixed directly into the smoothie. You’ll feel the results after just one week of use. Try and your stomach will be thanking you with a more pleasant and calmer gut feeling.

Weekly subscriptions for an effective cure

For the best result, we recommend that you drink Colorfield x KÄLLA-smoothies for at least 7 days in a row. If you want an effective health cure, there are several affordable weekly subscriptions to choose from. The more weeks you sign up for, the better the effect and the lower the price.

Prices for Colorfield x KÄLLA 

1 Colorfield x KÄLLA smoothie: 99 SEK. 

Colorfield x KÄLLA weekly subscriptions:

1 week: 535 SEK (regular price 693 SEK)
2 weeks: 1070 SEK (regular price 1386 SEK)
3 weeks: 1426 SEK (regular price 2079 SEK)
4 weeks:  1871 SEK (regular price 2772 SEK) 

The prices are valid during the launch period from 3 May 2022. The prices can not be combined with other discounts /offers. All weekly subscriptions are paid in advance.  
How our weekly Colorfield x KÄLLA-subscriptions work

Starting your weekly Colorfield x KÄLLA -subscription couldn’t be smoother. All you need to do is to visit one of our stores and sign up for your subscription. Just choose how many weeks you want, pay for your subscription, and you’re good to go. You will receive a subscription card that you show every time you visit the store.
You order and pick up your smoothie in your Colorfield store every weekday for as long as your subscription lasts. We recommend that you drink your Colorfield x KÄLLA smoothie in the morning, but you can have your smoothie at any time of the day during our opening hours.

Convenient Weekend kit

To make sure that you’ll never miss a day of your Colorfield x KÄLLA-cure, you can get the weekend’s smoothies in advance on Fridays. Our Weekend kit is a convenient and flexible solution if you want to drink your probiotic smoothie at home on Saturday and Sunday, without having to visit any of our stores.


The trillions of bacteria in your gut have a huge impact on how you feel – every day. That’s why we have mixed your Colorfield smoothie with – KÄLLA For Relief a Swedish probiotic supplement that helps the stomach to feel good. It tastes nothing, but does a lot of good. Based on more than 30 years of research, completely vegan and made without any unnecessary ingredients. Ideal for improving digestion, boosting the immune system, and relieving the effects of everyday stress. The results come after just one week of use.

FAQ  – Frequently Asked Questions about Colorfield x KÄLLA smoothies


Is Colorfield x KÄLLA freshly made?

Yes! We don´t prepare our smoothies in advance. Your Colorfield x KÄLLA-smoothie is made freshly when you order it at the store and the probiotic supplement KÄLLA For Relief is mixed directly into the smoothie at the same time it’s being made.

Is Colorfield x KÄLLA available in different flavors?

Yes box. You can choose any smoothie you want from our smoothie menu as your Colorfield x KÄLLA-smoothie. We have over ten different vegetable- and fruit smoothies, so we hope that you’ll find a flavor you like.

Can you choose different smoothies if you have a Colorfield x KÄLLA weekly subscription?

Sure, you can choose any smoothie you want from our menu of fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. We have over ten different smoothies and you can choose a new variant every day or go for the same favorite all week.

Can I pick up my Colorfield x KÄLLA-smoothie in any Colorfield store, if I have a weekly subscription?

Yes, you can pick up your Colorfield x KÄLLA smoothie in any store that suits you.

How much does a Colorfield x Källa-smoothie cost?

The price for a Colorfield x KÄLLA smoothie smoothie is SEK 99. However, if you sign up for a weekly subscription, the price will be much lower. The more weeks you sign up for, the lower the price.


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